Progress on the Developme ...

As of the end of April 2018, the construction of Gentari Elementary School, in Kukiba Hamlet, Nifutasi Village, North Timor Tengah, NTT is almost completed. The rainy season in the island of Timor and … More Info

Life Changing Journey Tri ...

“Holiday with a Mission” or better known as “Life Changing Journey" is one of the programs of Tangan Pengharapan. The Life Changing Journey trip to Timor Island was held from 10 -14 March 2018. … More Info

Sending off teachers to F ...

In November 2017, Tangan Pengharapan conducted a survey in Nias, North Sumatra. The results of the survey showed that the quality of education in Nias was still left far behind compared with the … More Info


Being a rural teacher is a new experience for Carmelita Tima. She has to teach approximately 400 children in Tangan Pengaharapan’s FLC every week. Born as a Kupang girl, being a teacher is a pride … More Info

Despite of obstacles, I k ...

From a seasonal farmer, Mr. Benjamin Benu turns to be a horticulture farmer. He makes this decision because of his family increasing needs. Long living plants such as mahogany, coconut, and others are … More Info

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Giving nutritious food, education & health for 5000 children all across Indonesia.


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About Tangan Pengharapan?

Tangan Pengharapan was born out of a dream of this nation generation who longs to bring Indonesian people out of adversity and poverty as well as the unequal and expensive educational cost, hoping to build and change Indonesians’ future generation for the better.

Tangan Pengharapan focuses on education, health and human right defense to give them equal access to education and health for prosperous and just society.