The Building Of Healthy H ...

Round shaped houseis traditional house of east Nusa Tenggara that is still being used by the people living in villages. Unfortunately, this windowless house is often used as a place to smoke the … More Info

Keep Going to School in t ...

Often we hear and even see directly about family violence that eventually leads to a divorce between husband and wife. We recognize that in such situations the victims not only spouses but the most … More Info

A Hope For Merlyn ...

If he would have been given a choice, surely Marlyn Maneis didn’t want to live a poor life like he does now. Many problems may come without any solution. Because of this poverty, his father, Simon … More Info

Making Unrealized Dream C ...

Believing and trusting in sweet promises that were never proven, 99 families left their homeland in Java and East Nusa Tenggara and headed to the area in Ratahan, North Sulawesi. Their determination … More Info

Donation For Rural Childr ...

When everything is easy to get in the big city and it is understandable if rich parents can afford buying watches, clothes, shoes or bags to the children. But on the other hand, it is a sad thing in … More Info

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Giving nutritious food, education & health for 4000 children all across Indonesia.


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About Tangan Pengharapan?

Tangan Pengharapan was born out of a dream of this nation generation who longs to bring Indonesian people out of adversity and poverty as well as the unequal and expensive educational cost, hoping to build and change Indonesians’ future generation for the better.

Tangan Pengharapan focuses on education, health and human right defense to give them equal access to education and health for prosperous and just society.