Agriculture Empowerment in Kolbano – NTT

After receiving seeds from Anzindo, villagers planted them. They were agriculturally empowered in Project to Change program.

  Bulletin April 2014-14

This program helps people improve their economy. Most of villagers in NTT are farmers and they used to plant corn only throughout the year.

They do plantation during rainy season only. Seeing these impoverished villagers who only live on corn, Tangan Pengharapan and PT Anzindo help them to plant vegetables.

Bulletin April 2014-17Through this empowerment Tangan Pengharapan  has distributed vegetables’ seeds given by PT Anzindo to 10 villages in Nusa Tenggara Timur NTT. Various kinds of seeds the villagers received were long beans, tomatoes, chili, spinach, bitter melons, mustard, cabbage and dragon fruit. Why dragon fruit?  This fruit is suitable to plant in Nusa Tenggara Timur, because of its dry soil.
Bulletin April 2014-16Tangan Pengharapan  had sowed the dragon fruit seeds and the growing buds can be  shared with local people and then can be sent to Java island as a commodity.

Kolbano is an agriculturally empowered area. Now the seeds given by Anzindo can be harvested and villagers are glad for it because in dry season they can harvest vegetables. The crops they harvest are partly sold to repurchase the seeds.

They use some for their needs. Right now Kolbano is the supplier of vegetables in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Kolbano meets the needs of the surrounding towns.

Villagers enjoy the vegetables they plant. It can improve their economy.

ekonomi keluarga mereka menjadi lebih baik.


Thank to PT. Anzindo gor taking part in making people in NTT prosperous by giving them seeds. “It’s better to give a fishing rod that to give a basketful of fish.” – Live a better life.

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