Annual Visit to Mentawai

After an annual visit to East Indonesia, North Halmahera and North Central Timor, NTT, Mrs. Henny Kristianus, founder of Tangan Pengharapan and her team returned to visit the Feeding and Learning Centers (FLC) in West Indonesia Region. FLC Dormitory Siberut and FLC Gotab in Mentawai Island District, West Sumatra was the destination of her visit from 21-24 May.

Mrs. Henny was warmly welcomed by the children and the community at both the centers. During this visit, Mrs. Henny Kritianus took the opportunity to review the progress made by both teachers and foster children at both the FLCs. She also distributed donations to the children.

Sharing nutritious food for children is a must do activity for Mrs. Henny. While crouching Mrs. Henny distributed food and took pictures with the children. She is always touched to see the children receive food with a smile of joy.

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