Creating a Brighter Generation

Many intelligent children in the interiors lack facilities and opportunties to achieve their potential. Orphans, coming from underprivileged families, are forced into underage marriages, inadequate facilities and access to proper education is become the irony of their potential.

Being able to reach out to 49 children from different villages in rural Indonesia is the current achievement of the Children Rescue Home (CRH) of Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan. The Children Rescue Home is a foster home where these children have the opportunity to receive good education and are nurtured by caring adults with better facilities and living standards. There are five Childre Rescue Homes. In Jakarta, Kupang (NTT), Taehue, South Timor Tengah, NTT, Merauke, and Sentani in Papua.

Their intelligence they are no less competitive when compared with children in the city. Ex:  Lida Resa, a child from Sumba, now living at the CRH in Jakarta has ranked third in her grade XII IPS this academic year 2017/2018 in one of high school in Bekasi. Hangry Rihi, a daughter of CRH in Taehue, has successfully graduated with flying colours. She has won the title of ‘Highest Scorer’ of the SMA Computer Based National Exam (UNBK) in Kecamatan Amanuban Timur, TTS. Some of the other children too have achieved the top 5 or top 10 rankings in their respective grades.

The Children Rescue Home aspires to reach out to many more intelligent children from the interiors of Indonesia to nurture brighter generations that aspire to build their respective regions in the future.

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