Life Changing Journey Trip Timor Maret 2018

“Holiday with a Mission” or better known as “Life Changing Journey” is one of the programs of Tangan Pengharapan. The Life Changing Journey trip to Timor Island was held from 10 -14 March 2018. Three Australian citizens participated in this trip. The LCJ’s ​​activities included direct observation of Tangan Pengharapan’s programs carried out at the Children Rescue Home in Kupang, agricultural training at the Life Training Centre, and activities carried out at the Feeding and Learning Centres (FLC) at Taenino and Tamkesi, North Central Timor. The participants also donated stationery and snacks to the children at the centers they visited.

Apart from observing Tangan Pengharapan’s program closely, the three participants were also treated to a diversity of natural beauty on the island of Timor, such as: Tablolong Beach, Lasiana Beach, Padang Fulan Fehan, Mauhalek waterfall and the beautiful culture of NTT in Centra Tenun and Centra Sasando. No less than other tours, participants were also pampered with local snacks that made them chuckle in awe of Indonesia’s wealth.

“This journey is a life-time experience that is precious and an eye-opener. I would like to go on another LCJ trip,” expressed one of the participants.


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