Malaria Attacks My Nerve System

Bulletin April 2014-6

Arriving at Weeboro village, Children were running to welcome us. Greeting them and shaking their hands, we eventually noticed a little girl sitting at the corner of a traditional house. She was glancing at us from a distance. We then asked a lady to call her. She was Jeni Baragole and she was only 9. Jeni, then, came to us accompanied by her mother, Magi Diala.

Bulletin April 2014-12It turned out that Jeni was a daughter of the local community leader, Mr. Ngawlu Bekaniga who gives his house to be used as Tangan Pengharapan Feeding & Learning Center in this Weeboro village.

When we shook her hands and asked her name, she murmured. We thought he was only shy, but it turns out that Jeni has dysarthria. When she was 5, Jeni suffered from falciparum malaria. This kind of Malaria is the most dangerous one.

Bulletin April 2014-8The sufferer of falciparum malaria often ends up with death. Is the sufferer survives, he/she often has various nerve disorders. Jeni did survive from this kind of malaria. Until she was 7, she grew up as normal as those at her age. One day in her 7th age, she had extremely high fever that her body was stiffened and she became unconscious. After being hospitalized for some time, Jeni was brought home because of no finance. Since then Jeni began to lose her ability to speak and her intelligence decines.

Bulletin April 2014-7In her 9th age now, Jeni can’t say words clearly. Though she understands ever words spoken, Jeni has some difficulty to answer. Her intelligence does decline. She acts like a 5 year old kid. It’s impossible for her to go to school. Her family doesn’t want other kids to mock her, so she’s not allowed to go out. Her body’s temperature is often high and her stomach gets bigger. Due to no finance, Jeni is never examined in detail and there has been no any medical treatment for her until now.
Bulletin April 2014-11

Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan will take Jeni to a hospital for further medical examination that she can get medical treatment and therapy she needs. With the existence of Tangan Pengharapan Feeding & Learning Center in Weeboro, Jeni can study properly and the Center’s coordinator and teachers’ compassion brings hope to Jeni and her family.

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