Medical Project

Free medical care and cataract surgery for impoverished people and children, particularly those living in remote areas in Indonesia.

This free medical program is held periodically for every child in every YTP Center all over Indonesia. Tangan pengharapan, besides, conducts free medical and sanitation counseling services and free cataract surgery for the people in Timor Tengah Selatan – NTT. Their hard life becomes more slumped by darkness they have been living in for dozens of years.

With the free cataract surgery, Tangan Pengharapan helps cataract blind people regain their sights and makes their life more useful to their families and societies.

Access to medical treatment is hard to get due to the lack of medical persons and poor medical facilities. YTP Mobil Clinic reaches out to sick people in many villages. It can also solve the people’s health problem fast and at no cost at all.


Medical Project: IDR.1.000.000

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