Project to Change

NTT as the poorest pronvince in Indonesia needs much attention and aid. For that reason, Tangan Pengharapan makes various programs to get them out of poverty:

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Rice for Change

Through “Rice for Change,” Tangan Pengharapan gives free rice to poor viilages, distributing 10 kg of free rice per family. Tangan Pengharapan gathers more than 3.000 heads of families (11.700 people) every month and gives them health counseling, mentality and life style, people empowerment programs such as agricultural extension, breeding, how to raise and educate children, and gives protection for women and children.

Besides, Tangan Pengharapan also gives vegetables and fruit seeds as well as livestock, in the hope that people can improve their living standard that they can get out of poverty.

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Life style and Mentality Changes

Tangan Pengharapan gives various hints on healthy lifestyle such as: “No spitting on any place allowed,” No peeing or pooping in forest,” “The importance of wearing footwear to prevent yaws from spreading,” etc.

To prevent any further violence against children, the head of Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan repeatedly reminds people to love their children and pay attention to their future. Many teachings on how to raise and educate children are given, like: “Don’t hit a child in his head,” “Don’t torture a child,”  “ Don’t force a school aged child to work,” “Stop rape,” and so on.

Since the execution of these programs in 2012, rape and theft has been reduced significantly. People no longer eat ‘putak’ (core of tree trunk).

Construction of Simple Homes

NTT’s traditional home called “Round shaped home”, 2×2 meter in size, made of wood and tall dry grass is not very HEATHY. Seeing the need, Tangan Pengharapan builds simple homes for the underprivileged people in Timor Tengah Selatan – NTT who are still sleeping on the dirty ground.

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The Construction of Public Sanitary Facilities
Tangan Pengharapan builds public sanitary facilities as a positive alternative to prevent the people in NTT from pooping in any place they like. Besides, Tangan Pengharapan also builds water reservoir, bath room and latrine in every place having spring water in areas covered in Rice for Change program.

Wells Excavation / Clean Water Procurement

Tangan Pengharapan procures clean water that people need most. Most part of Timor Tengah Selatan region is in the grip of draught throughout the year and it is hard to get clean water. They pin their hope on rain and children must take a long walk to get it.