Progress on the Development of Gentari Learning House

As of the end of April 2018, the construction of Gentari Elementary School, in Kukiba Hamlet, Nifutasi Village, North Timor Tengah, NTT is almost completed. The rainy season in the island of Timor and the difficult terrain conditions have caused delays in the delivery of the building materials and hence, the progress of the project has been constrained. The target is to have this learning house to be used by students starting June 2018.

After the construction of Taenino and Gentari learning houses, Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan is also working on building a learning house in 4 schools in the locations of the Feeding and Learning Centers of SDN Naisunaf, SD Tamkesi, SDN Lanaus and SDN Kleja. These four schools are in poor condition. The school floor in is only grounded with soil, the wall is made of bamboo (bebak) and the roof is made of gewang leaves that will leak when it rains. These children are entitled to have a comfortable study space.

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