Street Children Outreach in east Sumba

It was hot afternoon. On our way to a traditional market, we stopped by a grocery store to buy daily needs. Suddenly a boy with ragged clothes came. We could see he was in a hurry. He put dirty plastics he we carrying in front of the store, and other kids guarded it for him.

Anak Jalanan 6“Sir, I need a pack of noodle,” he said, offering a piece of paper money of 2000 rupiah to the cashier

Staring at his shabby face and his dirty clothes, we had pity on him. We then bought him another pack of noodle.  Thanking, the kid was running home, carrying the shabby plastic he used to scavenge.

Since then, we were moved to see the kind of life those kids live. Then we decided to find out about the six siblings. Evidently, the kid’s name was Dominggus or Domi. Domi looks different from his siblings. On his left eye, there’s a big mole that nearly closes his left eye.

His father used to be a vendor at a traditional market. But because of renovation, he caould not sell his stuffs there, resluting the stuffs he’d bought from other vendor that he had to pay in installment couldn’t be sold. The local government allowed him to seel his stuffs as long as he rented a kiosk. But lack of money caused him to be a scavenger.

Anak Jalanan 8His kids’ life became uncertain. Manu of the had to drop out of their school due to lack of finance. The money he made was meager, and the situation got worse when his kids were sick

Anak Jalanan 1

Coinciding with the establishment of Tangan Pengharapan Feeding and Learning in east Sumba, we expand our program by opening our Feeding and Learning Center for street kids.

We serve 50 street kids. The number is unfixed because they often come with their friends or siblings.

With the implementation of this program, we hope there would be no kids hanging around the streets but studying to build a better future.Robby N

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