YTP Mobile Clinic

Preventable and treatable diseases present an enormous health brunt for communities in NTT. Diseases that have largely been eradicated still have immeasurable impacts on populations living in extreme poverty.

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The primary mission of the Mobile Clinic is to deliver basic primary healthcare to people living in rural areas in NTT that have little or no access to healthcare.

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YTP Mobile Clinic will be properly equipped with full medical testing and examination facilities that will facilitate the delivery of effective and efficient medical care. The YTP mobile clinics will come fully operational. Our Mobile Clinic project is designed to deliver a pro-active approach in providing life-saving vaccinations and provide treatment for basic treatable diseases.

The mobile clinic  has the capacity to relocate without difficulty, allowing for increased patient care coverage.

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Background: The elimination of preventable diseases is highly dependent on capacity and systems building to effectively deliver basic primary care and public health services. One of the many obstacles faced by these Timorese is the lack of medical facilities.

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